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How to use custom wine builds

Published on Mar 15, 2021 by: Ahmed Elsayed

Updated on Mar 20, 2021

 What is custom wine builds

Wine is an opensource application that anyone can build it from the source code, so you can build older version of wine, and you can build wine with additional patches that can add extra functionality or fix games that do not work using wine installed on you Linux distro. The most popular custom wine builds are wine-tkg, proton-tkg, and proton-GE which will be explained later in this tutorial.

proton-tkg, and proton-GE can be used with Steam, and outside of Steam if you want. Wine-tkg can not be used with Steam.

 Why using custom wine builds

  1. Some games need a certain version of wine to work properly.
  2. DotNet from v 4.5 to v 4.9 can only be installed using wine 5.11 (currently broken)
  3. Custom wine builds like wine-tkg add some patches for certain games that do not exist with official wine builds.
  4. You can use Proton and Proton-GE outside of Steam to run games from other stores like: GOG and Epic Games.

 How to download custom wine builds

You can download wine-tkg, and proton-tkg from this link

wine-tkg download page

(1) The first choice is proton-tkg which can be used the same way as proton-GE, check this tutorial to know more about proton-GE [link]

(2) The second choice is wine-tkg which can only be installed on Arch, and Arch based Linux distros like: Manjaro, and EndeavourOS.

If you do not use Arch, or you do not want to install wine-tkg on your system, check this repo instead

Kron4ek download page

There are 6 options to choose from for each release:

  1. wine-devel (64bit).
  2. wine-staging (64bit).
  3. wine-staging-tkg (64bit)
  4. wine-staging-tkg (32bit)
  5. wine-staging (32bit).
  6. wine-devel build (32bit).
  • wine-staging = wine-devel + staging patches.
  • wine-staging-tkg = wine-staging + tkg patches.
  • 64bit wine builds can run 32bit applications and 64bit applications, but 32bit wine builds can run only 32bit applications.

 How to extract the compressed file

To extract the compressed file that you downloaded before, right-click on the compressed file, and choose Extract archieve here, autodetect subfolder from Extract sub menu

Extract compressed file

These steps might be different based on the desktop enviornment your Linux distro uses.

 How to use the extracted custom wine build

You can use to the extracted custom wine build by pointing to its location like this example:

~/Downloads/wine-5.11-staging-amd64/bin/wine ~/Downloads/7z1900-x64.exe

That will open 7z1900-x64.exe using the custom wine build that we downloaded earlier.

Wine uses the default location of wineprefix ~/.wine if you did not use WINEPREFIX enviornment variable which is explained in this tutorial [link]

Custom wine builds has its own winecfg which can be used like this example:


winetricks uses the default wine installed on your Linux distro, but you can force winetricks to use custom wine build instead by using WINE enviornment variable like this example:

WINE=~/Downloads/wine-5.11-staging-amd64/bin/wine winetricks

This workaround can help with installing DotNet from version 4.5 to 4.8 which is broken with wine from version 5.12 to the latest version 6.4.

 How to install Microsoft .Net framework from version 4.5 to version 4.8 on wine

  1. Download wine version 5.11 from this link [link]
  2. Extract it as I explained before [link]
  3. If you want to install Microsoft .Net framework version 4.5 type this code in the terminal:
  4. WINE=~/Downloads/wine-5.11-staging-amd64/bin/wine winetricks dotnet45 -q

    Change dotnet45 with whatever version you want to install like:

    • dotnet452
    • dotnet46
    • dotnet461
    • dotnet462
    • dotnet471
    • dotnet472
    • dotnet48

 How to use Proton-GE outside of Steam

Proton and Proton-GE can be used outside of Steam, but you need to know a few things first:

  1. wine and winetricks need to be installed on you system.
  2. You need to install dxvk manually.
  3. You can not use Proton launch options, you can use wine environment variables instead.
  4. You need to define a separate wineprefix.
  5. You need to define the location of the executable of Proton / Proton-GE.

(1) To install Proton-GE, check this tutorial [link]

(2) Install dxvk using winetricks:

WINEPREFIX=~/proton-ge WINE=~/.steam/root/compatibilitytools.d/Proton-6.1-GE-2/dist/bin/wine winetricks dxvk181

You can run any game using Proton-GE like this:

WINEPREFIX=~/proton-ge ~/.steam/root/compatibilitytools.d/Proton-6.1-GE-2/dist/bin/wine [location_of_the_executable_of_the_game]

  1. WINEPREFIX is used to define a separate location for Proton-GE
  2. WINE is used to define the location of the executable of Proton.

Check these tutorials to know more about wine, winecfg, and winetricks: