How to create a bootable USB stick from multiple ISO images on Linux

How to install Ventoy

  1. Download Ventoy

You can download the latest release from this link:

  1. Extract it

Open your File-manger, and right click on the compressed file, and choose Extract archieve here from Extract

  1. Plug your USB stick and identify the name assigned to it
Normally the name to your USB stick is sdb if you have one hard disk, but if you have multiple disk disks, it might take another name like sdcsde, or sdf ….etc

Click ctrl + alt + t to open the terminal, then type lsblk in the terminal, and you will get output like these picture:

lsblk output

As you see in the picture, sdb is the name of my USB stick

  1. Go to the folder where you extracted the compressed file
cd ~/Downloads/ventoy*
I chose the directory ~/Downloads, because it is the default location for downloaded files, but if you saved the compressed file to another location, choose that location instead.
  1. Install Ventoy to your USB stick

Write this command in the terminal:

sudo sh -i /dev/sdb

It will ask you twice if you want to continue, because that will destroy the data on your USB stick

Install Ventoy picture1

You have to press y from the keyboard twice, and press enter

If everything went ok, you will get output from the terminal like this:

Install Ventoy picture2
  1. Mount ventoy partition

Unplug your USB stick, and insert it again, and mount the partition ventoy using your File-manager

  1. Transfer all your ISO files to your USB stick

Copy all your ISO files that you want to boot from your USB stick to the partition ventoy

ISO images

After copying all your ISO files, reboot your machine, and boot from your USB stick, and you will find all these ISO in the boot menu.

Boot menu

Here is the list of all tested ISO files that you can boot using Ventoy

Important note
  • If you choose an ISO image from the list, and you end up with a black screen, press Enter from the keyboard, then wait for a few seconds.

How to update Ventoy to a newer version

  1. Download the new version of Ventoy.

  2. Extract it.

  3. Execute these commands:

cd ~/Downloads/ventoy*
sudo sh -u /dev/sdb

Press y, then Enter to confirm.

Update Ventoy